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March ProgBlog #2: not enough prog

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 March 2023 @ 10:40am
Blatting about

Another day another not doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

Sunday was just a hard slog of realising that I'd completely munted everything and that the feathers are actually on stalks before going into the skin.  I versioned the model to see if doing that would solve some layering problems I'm having.

image 265

And also making the shafts thicker while I'm about it.

minds out of the gutter @meesterboom and @galenkp

I didn't start over, the other feathers are currently hidden so I can see what I'm doing.

I found out I could finish most of my accreditation (I didn't do part 2 as I thought I had to finish the workbook out of part 1 first but I did not, for new readers I'm working on a Men's Artistic Gymnastics Intermediate coaching accreditation) so I did that instead of working on Aoife.

The progress has been kind of abysmal lately as what extra/buffer time I have in my schedule (which can be used for anything but the original intent was to try to squeeze in more art time) is been constantly eaten away by adulting in general and some extra little nonsense I'm doing (like making a bunch of cheap sticker books because it cost AU$70 to buy enough supplies to make 20 dodgy sticker books rather than $200+ to buy proper sticker books seeing as I have to get them online now, cheaper but probably takes longer than even shipping them would have been aargh).

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