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February ProgBlog #1: tedium

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 February 2023 @ 8:40am
Blatting about

I'm still trying to settle the other work stuff into my mix.  Like with the classes themselves, I need to get the timing right.  Lesson planning is still taking me a ridiculously long time.  I did find out I can do it in a hurry when I need to (last week I basically had a couple of hours to come up with one) but I like feeling like I'm being thorough.  My current thoughts are if I don't get it done when I had it scheduled for, I'll keep plugging away at it while I'm hanging around the gym waiting for middle child to finish coaching.

As a result of that and some other things including my brain randomly shutting down on occasion (sleep is yet another thing I'm completely failing at) and being distracted at the drop of a hat because putting the down on is extremely tedious and I desperately want it to just be magically done perfectly without having to spend the time and effort actually doing it, I once more didn't get much done on my designated work day.

image 239   image 240

I'm not sure if I'll stay at this size or go smaller as I go up, I think the hand down will have to be a bit smaller but I'll see when I get there.  And I also need to remember to copy everything to the underside of the wing too.  Have to do that in sections as it needs rearranging after copying.

image 241

I don't know if it's anything remotely resembling accurate but I do have a deeper appreciation for how bird feathers are layered.  And the appearance is growing on me.

image 242

Aofie is going.  I've put colour on the hair and am currently working on the myriad of flowers and being a lot looser and less anal about the colours (basically near enough is good enough as far as the lighter and darker colours go).  Once I'm past the flowers I'll probably do one layer of light and shadow and leave it at that.

image 243

Hopefully this method works out and then I can finish the other three.  Like with every other subproject I pick up, I don't know what possessed me to think that doing four drawings in one was a fantastic idea that I should most definitely do.

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