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January Progblog #2

posted on: Monday, 16 January 2023 @ 10:12pm in

I am going to do the down in two systems and I am most likely going to regret it. The big downy feathers (which aren’t called that but I can’t remember what they’re called) were finished not long ago, they are topside and underside but they look pretty much the same.

image 223

The render actually isn’t terrible at a distance.

image 222

Different story up close x_x I need to fiddle with the strand thickness and number.

image 224

And then after that I might make some different feather textures (thinking plain, barred/striped, tips and spots at least to start with and see what happens as more characters come up) before tackling rigging.

I don’t like rigging.

Oh also tail feathers. Might need those.

I’m still pleasantly surprised by how the polygon feathers look.

Meanwhile I’m doing this yet again because I haven’t been happy with how I’ve been colouring.

image 225

Using a similar technique to the one I used for the silly season sketchy but have to be neater because I did neater lines for this one. Least the reflected colours are working properly now (apparently the elf is shiny) but I’ll have to get further in to see if I like this or if I’m going to give up yet again and either try something else or fall back to what I had originally (I did actually finish the colouring for this ages ago, I just don’t like it).

I kind of like and hate this because I think it looks okay and will probably work out alright but it’s taking forever. Worse still I have a feeling all my sketchies are going to end up with this colouring if it works.