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May ProgBlog #3: major schedule rejigs

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 May 2022 @ 9:14am
Blatting about
More specifically

Precious little got done over the last week on anything as I discovered a fatal flaw in my scheduling. I have roleplaying stuff scheduled for most of the weekend (currently only playing every other Sunday so I just use the time for extra prep and generally failing to catch up with all the writeups I haven't done yet, am starting up a new weekly game with my three regulars next weekend though). After roleplaying I'm supposed to be working on UASG.

This works timewise except that I should be doing the writeups straight after the sessions because that makes the most sense. Some writeups take longer than others.

Then there was a whole pile of stuff that piled up, most just normal life stuff and be struggling to be organised at the best of times, and a couple of pretty major ones like 15yo deciding that she definitely wanted to go to TAFE next semester and the associated running around with that, and getting a new puppy (full story with that will be in May Homeschool Miscellany in a couple of weeks, it's not that complicated a story, just an excuse for puppy pics).

So I ended up spending this weekend adjusting to having a baby in the house and redoing my work schedules so that I had the hours after roleplaying dedicated to writeups. UASG got an hour cut and it was wrangled into weekday evenings (I'm currently failing at adjusting to where I moved things). It's going to be interesting if the stupid mandates are kerb stomped into oblivion like they absolutely should be and I go back to work.

Gundry and the feather still haven't budged an iota, but I finished the rainbow dragon and phoenix tattoo for the second or third (and hopefully last!) time and am now redoing the sculpt using multires.

There is a line Zara says to Zul'jinn in one of the eps that goes:

you do realise that Wraith eyes are big and freaky, right?

gigantic eyes

I'll need to resize the eyeballs at some stage to fit into those giant sockets.  And that's assuming I don't come back to it again.  I'm currently working my way down the limbs and torso trying to be careful not to overwork (she's got that annoying gymnast/dancer build where they look like sticks til they tense up, but I'm not sure how to sculpt or animate that).

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