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May ProgBlog #2

posted on: Monday, 9 May 2022 @ 7:39pm in

I’ve made zero progress on Gundry as there is a checkbox which I think I need to tick in Particle Edit mode to make the bake show up so I can edit it, and it seems to be a guaranteed crash. So looks like at this stage unless the new hair system drops sooner than I’m expecting it, I pretty much have to go the curve guide/soft body route.

Which means trying to figure out why my curve guides refuse to stick to their bone hooks and putting up with hair flapping around in anime locks (which at least won’t be too terrible for this project because it’s kind of semi-anime anyway).

And after Gundry I’m just going to be stuck in general as I don’t have descriptions of the other characters, and the only other one I can do I’m not sure if I’m still doing.

For the Avian base model I’m currently trying to make a particle feather that meets my expectations. This is the start.

particle feather

It looks like this all the way round. I haven’t yet managed to cut and shape it in a way that doesn’t make me unhappy.

Combing currently hates me.

I messed around with it for pretty much the entire session I had on it last week and it has only just now occurred to me as I’m writing this that I think the hairs need to be a lot longer because this is down (and possibly coverts if I can get away with it, though I currently figure that I will need three types).

The tattoo is pretty close to done (I managed to get into a meditative state and also it’s just faster than feathers, I don’t know why i though the opposite would be true). I’m roughly halfway through the purple section which is the second last one.

glossy scales nearly done! for the umpteenth time x_x

After that I have to redo the sculpt (which probably needed to be redone anyway as the original one was messy, and the uv map changed). It should be quicker using multires than it was using dynatopo (because I’m an idiot that forgot the former existed) but will probably still take a while as I will angst over it.

And then I should probably bake everything. Blergh.