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March ProgBlog #4: when you forget little things

posted on: Monday, 28 March 2022 @ 4:50pm in

Like changing the default root and tip settings for the hair (default root is set at 1m and I can’t remember what default tip is).

incorrect hair settings

There is always something ridiculous in 3d.

At least that’s relatively easily fixed.

eyebrows and eyelashes with better hair settings

The hair is still on quick settings because I just wanted to see how it looked, for a shot this close I would switch to 3d curves which looks a lot better but takes a bit longer to render.

After discovering the CoD Changing Breeds book and liking what I was seeing from the quick skim I did (which was mostly to see if I needed to convert the WoD Changing Breeds or if this would suffice, spoiler it suffices), I decided to remake Yue to see how different she would be.

Superficially the only thing that changed is the eyes as apparently the werefoxes (or at least the Reynardi which is what I built) have mismatched eyes as a free Tell, so I forked her to see how that would look and I think I need to make the brown eye more green (it’s supposed to be hazel) and other than looking cool it also looks like the player has main character syndrome.

Yue with hetereochromatic eyes

A tiny bit more got done on the Avian base model. Tried not to stress so much about the wing thumb as it’s going to be covered in feathers anyway. Otherwise it was harder looping around the base of that than I thought it would be.

base Avian model wing retopo going super slow

The tattoo continues, there’s the very long middle tail feather to do and then it’s up the other side to the other wing and seeing if I can pick with the eraser or if I have to do what I did with the other wing and scrub everything and try again.

tattoo ongoing forever

I was complaining to sibling dearest the other day that I really wanted sculpt layers so I wouldn’t have to fork models to put scars on as while I can just bump map scars (looks fine, easy to do), normals look better (but I can’t just paint them). And wouldn’t you know it, there’s an add-on for that.

Sadly, it’s going to have to wait at least til the next budget cycle as I’m just a tad over-extended (the thing causing the over-extension is actually important). I can hold off on the models I need them for a bit longer (the scars will very obviously be missing so I won’t forget to get back to add them), plenty of other things to be building.

Meanwhile I’m also trying to work out whether or not I bake the multires sculpts. I don’t want to because I’m lazy but will do some comparisons down the line to see how things look vs render times.