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December ProgBlog #3: "Christmas holidays"

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 December 2021 @ 10:50pm
Blatting about

Yeh right like I ever take them.

I have seriously been moving like molasses and I really do need to actually change something, but because I'm me I'll probably just burnout again, have to recover for a few days again during which I'll relentlessly beat myself up over being an idiot again and that I really should have fixed it before it became this bad again, only to do exactly the same thing down the line again.

Neither of my main projects have advanced too much further since the last progblog.  I've kind of started working on Gundry's hands

hand sculpting in Blender 3

and Zara's tattoo is still going.

texture painting with Bpainter in Blender 3

It's still being insidiously difficult but with a lot of squinting and zooming in and out and a lot of swearing (mostly but not always internal) and tantrums (which involve getting up and storming off to look for chocolate) I'm finding them.  I also went and started on the other side because I remembered I have to overlap from the outside and it's a lot easier to do that if I start from the outside.

Blender got updated to 3 in a system update recently and I love the colourful noodles (which can be seen in the bottom left panel of the above screenie).

I decided I was going to draw roleplaying characters and out of schedule (because this is stuff I'm meant to be doing today) decided that I was going to "quickly" rig up my new male and female bases.  It may have actually been quick too but  I found out the hard way that the Rigify rig had been updated, the dialogue box said the face rig had been updated so I pressed the button to update my metarig, but generation threw an error.  So I dropped in a new metarig, snapped that to the existing one and generated that with no problem.  Seems like there were a few changes in addition to the face rig, I'm pretty sure it's deforming my meshes a lot nicer (could be all in my head, but there seems to only be one pronounced weighting issue I have to fix now) and there's some extra widgets.

Now the reason I did all that is because I decided I was going to draw roleplaying characters (at least how they appeared in my head, I'm not sure how they're appearing in anyone else's heads), starting with the Redcaps partly because while two of the characters are "BIG boys" as the entire player group describes, them, I was trying to get across that I don't think C's character's daughter/ward flaw is as small as they think she is

madcap redcaps sketchy

and mostly because I wanted to test out the new rigged bases.

Maybe I should have started with the vampire group as that's only three player characters (four if Archie's wife/ward flaw was included).

I told J that my "Christmas holidays" was going to be spent drawing roleplaying characters but I doubt I'll be able to stay away from project work for that long so maybe it's just a "holiday" from my self-imposed schedule (which is only somewhat working).

When we're not gallivanting about with friends and family of course.

Have a good Silly Season!

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