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December ProgBlog #1: ramp

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 December 2021 @ 11:03am
Blatting about

Stuff is ramping up.

I've been mostly working on photobooks trying to get them done in time for printing and shipping back to the island in the vain hopes it might not get there too late.  I've also been working on my dice system (it has undergone two major overhauls in about as many days) and roleplaying notes (gained a bit of extra time as the kids didn't feel like playing the weekend just gone, I brought the stuff over anyway just in case I actually needed it but got to just hang with my friend the entire time).

And I need to try harder to catch up with the homeschool miscellanies and ttrpg writeups.  I don't seem to have taken any photos at all in October (not even normal ones) so there's just November and December to do.  And I'm apparently getting a new moderator next year and am probably going to make a great first impression with the nonsense this year has been.

One of the "kids" (actually young adult but details) from gym and I recently realised there's only two weeks left til Christmas, but we semi-franticly declared that it was actually three because we're still at the beginning of the week.  At least I've done all the Christmas shopping I can do, it's just ordering J's, finishing these photobooks and collecting money for the kids (they all want electronics so I've asked all the relatives to chip in the money they would have either given them or bought Christmas presents for them with towards those things).

Anyway, usually December is a writeoff for both homeschooling and progblogging so I'm trying not to feel too bad about the fact that progress is glacial.  That's failing miserably by the way.

I got Gundry to a state of looking like he focuses way too much on arms.

sculpt in progress in Blender 2.93.5

With Zara's tattoo, the shadow of one wing is finally complete.

one wing of Zara's phoenix tattoo

Now I just have to do the other one.

other wing of Zara's phoenix tattoo, kind of barely started

I was supposed to be working on the Avian base model today but my attempt at resetting was once more stymied by 12yo wanting to playtest the dice system.  I'm well aware that I could have said no but I had to get off the computer anyway (to some value of getting off, my laptop was needed for the character sheets).  We spent a bit of time discussing and brainstorming and trying and then did major overhaul 2 followed by a lot more trying before we had both had enough and he went to watch Youtube and I went to note down all the changes.

Honestly I don't know why I'm bothering trying to reset during the most disruptive month of the year but I'm not going to stop.

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