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November ProgBlog #5: kinda rage

Posted on: Saturday, 27 November 2021 @ 7:24pm
Blatting about

I should probably start going to bed earlier as I'm constantly tired and staying up late trying to cram more work in doesn't seem to be working.  But I keep doing it because I feel bad about not getting a lot done.  It's a vicious perpetual cycle.

I'm also feeling bad because it was my last day at work today, I've just found out someone else at the centre is dropping because of the vaccine mandate.  I don't know what's going to happen with their program, they were the only one running it.  There's been interesting conversations and sometimes I'm wondering if the people claiming "I get it, I really do!" after I've explained my reasoning to them do actually "get it" (in fairness some really do even if they made a different decision, and others are really, really struggling with the fact that after considering essentially the same information, how other people could possibly have come to the "wrong" decision).  Work is also now severely understaffed and my boss is stressing which is making me stress because I like my boss and there isn't a right thing to do.

Just feeling bad all around.

I'm actually so pissed off I'm getting headaches and the beginnings of anxiety attacks which makes everything else hurt all at once and the only reason they're not developing into full blown anxiety attacks is because the "pains" (at this stage it's a low level constant annoyance) are just making me angrier.

Meanwhile stuff and nonsense and unexpected occurrences are all piling up (and all causing headaches...or maybe it's the same headache that won't go away because nothing else will) so I'm still not getting a lot of work done though I am trying.  I have managed to do a tiny bit more on Gundry.

very slowly detailing Gundry

Basically detailed ears and somewhat fixed the nose and I'm still working on the head shape while I also started work on the rest of the body just for something different.

Then I'm going to version save, chop off the poor guy's right arm and paint some scars on him.

On the AER side of things I made some decent progress on Zara's seemingly neverending tattoo and only have a handful of blue feathers left.

Zara's tattoo one wing shadow almost done

Picking out the green feathers was a bit nightmare as it was hard to see and I couldn't remember how i'd layered it.  I'm not even certain I've shadowed it right now but it kind of looks okay I guess?

Still got the whole other wing to do.

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