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May ProgBlog #2: that feeling when

posted on: Saturday, 8 May 2021 @ 12:09am in

The problem with hands, is that I keep ending up with a Moebius strip despite my best efforts.

glaring at hand retopo in Retopoflow on Blender 2.92

(this is not technically a Moebius strip, it’s just the same feeling I get when you’re tracing one; for the Home Edders, Moebius strips are a fun activity, get the kids to cut out a strip of paper, half-twist one end, tape the ends together and tell them to draw a line on either the inside or the outside but not both)

I’m pretty sure I’ve got better flow now, but I’ll find out when I’m done with the hands and feet and can test with the rig.

Zara back in Retopoflow in Blender 2.92

Central tower presented me with a problem when I was testing the sun position add on and the sun didn’t shine into the office as much as I thought it would (which in fairness is hardly surprising given there is a large mezzanene floor and I had the solar panel strip which shaded things). I don’t think the strip was quite as big as I thought it was.

building Acaedia in Blender 2.92

And there were these interesting looking supports.

Acaedia showing off top of central tower supports in Blender 2.92

I think there will probably be something up the top as well, there seems to be greenery growing on something up there and there may be more shelter on the walkways from inclement weather but I’ll see what I can see.

different angle of the top supports in Acaedia's central tower in Blender 2.92

Yes I will fill in the gaps in between presently.

I feel like if he’d had more time or at least less existential threat, The Architect would have likely made everything a lot prettier, he seems like the kind of guy that loved form as much as function.

Speaking of which, I had this sketchy that I’d started I don’t remember when and when I looked at it again I was like crap which ones are they again.

Chicky and Cassie wip in Krita

It’s C’inokh the Architect who designed Acaedia in 876AER, and his highschool sweetheart Cassandra, first Tribe HIgh Monarchs. In the period these two existed, racial tensionswere high, C’inokh (correctly much to his annoyance) predicted there was going to be a war and designed the citadel as a protective measure. Flyers and sympathisers moved in as soon as it became habitable (it wasn’t complete when people started moving in and apparently only took a year to build so I don’t know what the hell building techniques they have in the far future as this thing is freaking massive).

They were among a batch of interesting stories I found while travelling back in time trying to work out why the Royal Guard and Warriors in particular but basically all the Artist characters were acting in ways that confused me at the time (makes perfect sense now I’ve done this time travel). Slightly useless trivia, C’inokh’s foster brother Ter’wyn is also his bodyguard and one of Tsa’run’s ancestors.

Tsa’run being bodyguard to High Prince Zul’jinn in my current block (using an old pic again because I haven’t drawn any recent ones).

My current block is set in 1997AER and I went back to -194AER which is 2009CE, and some of the weird weather effects I wrote in to cause chaos did actually happen but fortunately not to the extent in the head-universe x_x

And I’m glad that the virus wasn’t as bad (the one in my head-universe killed a lot of people and made a lot of survivors either sterile or severely brain-damaged or both, but then again it also happened a lot later in my timeline but before the reset/“Ragnarok” event, hopefully that’s not coming :O XD).

This weekend is shaping up to be a bit of a crazy one with insanity on both days. It’s also the first time in a long time that I get to spend Mother’s Day with my mother and also the first time in a long time she gets to spend Mother’s Day with her mother. I wanted to get her something but mental blank isn’t even coming close to describing what’s going on in my meagre brain when I’m trying to think what. I kind of wanted to get her a plant because I hate buying cut flowers but it might be resorting to that or getting her a nice pot as she probably won’t be able to take the plant with her. Assuming I can find one or J can find one as I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go shopping with him when he goes shopping for his mum as I’m working in the morning x_x

Hopefully I’ll figure something out and either way it will be a good day.