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March ProgBlog #2: Just Don't Feel

Posted on: Sunday, 21 March 2021 @ 10:22pm
Blatting about
More specifically

I've been having a major case of don't wanna all weekend.  Part of it is from exhaustion (there was some ridiculousness to deal with which ended up with me going to bed very late and then waking up very early the following morning as I'm stubbornly continuing to try despite constantly failing to get closer to JJ's schedule).  So everything has been moving ridiculously slowly because I really don't want to do it so I've been playing stupid phone games instead.

I really, really hope the new hair system in Blender is a metric boatload better (and faster) than what I'm doing now.

this is exasperating

"Only" this much more to go.  I'm pushing through with it on all work sessions to just get it done because I'm so over it.

It's really laggy and painful at the moment.  I think I'm over the curve enough that I should theoretically be able to turn the particles off and lay out the curves in real time now.  I couldn't seem to do that coming up as for whatever reason some of the particles would stubbornly refuse to respond to the curve influences even though they were within multiple spheres and really should have been responding to at least one of them.

At least when I redo Zip's hair after the umpteenth retopo it won't need so many curve guides.

Have I mentioned yet that I really, really can't wait for the new hair system >_>

Coding is only going slightly better (but at the same time not really).  I'm failing to understand how computed components work and I finally got some code to stop throwing errors but it also isn't doing what I want, so will need to read more examples.  Decided to give up on figuring out saving drag and drop reordering for now as J seems to think it's complicated and there's apparently a hundred million ways to do it and none of them are making any sense to me yet, and while it's kind of important (but not really, just from a ux standpoint) for the project I'm doing it for (my AER notes), I don't think it's important for the thing I'm practising for.

And sleep is well out of whack again so I'm going to be doing some repairing and rescheduling again.  My least favourite -_-

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