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Super loose outline for pharmacy/biomed/biotech that spans as long as you want for homeschoolies

posted on: Wednesday, 16 September 2020 @ 7:55am in

This was written for my 15yo who hates bookwork but has grudgingly accepted that that’s how some things have to be learned. It was written to squeeze in once a week but ideally should probably be done every day (he is trying at least XD). If you’re a bit more enthusiastic you can substitute the ORs for ANDs.

not sure chemicals are supposed to be mixed like that


Two pages out of each workbook


one section out of each of the following Khan Academy courses:


One section out of each of the following Khan Academy courses:


Two pages out of each English book


KA grammar course.

English workbooks and/or any long form writing should be used in addition to or instead of the grammar course but it’s a useful absolute bare minimum if you have children like mine who hate it so much you almost can’t even pay them to do it.

Useful extras

If you’re 16+, theoretically doing the equivalent units at Open Universities should help you get into the uni course, but we haven’t been able to test or ask someone who actually knows that yet.