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August ProgBlog #4: more fingers

posted on: Friday, 21 August 2020 @ 10:49pm in

Finally got done with the hands (or at least as done as I can be/am prepared to do).

I really hope I don’t regret the decision to try and fix some of the more finicky things in the normal map later x_x
finished sculpting the hands (to some value of finished)

This is actually the right hand. I usually work on the left side because I manage to get in my own way less on that side. I am showing off the right hand because I had to hide the right arm so I could start working on the wings.

Blender 2.8 sculpt mode working on wings

The arms aren’t too difficult to fix the shape of. The wing fingers on the other hand…

Blender 2.8 sculpt mode trying to fix wing fingers

…they’re spindly annoying little things and they’re on both sides XD I tried turning on the transparency in an attempt to get them to line up better and only succeeded in confusing the hell out of myself. I’m pretty sure they’re not quite right but it’s something I’ll have to fix after baking.

Then I need to go through and fix up the edges and shapes on the wing membranes.

Thin areas. Really not looking forward to that.