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Pretty shinies

posted on: Tuesday, 7 July 2020 @ 11:41am in

After an epic two day battle with my phone and my computer, I am now able to show off my new shinies.

bearone's orgonites and candle

What you’re seeing here are the purple flower that I bought from @bearone for 200 hive, an owl that she said I could have because she loves me (awww ^_^ I did tell her I wanted to buy one when she was ready to sell them) and a candle that made me really glad I was extremely careful about unpacking the box because I had no idea it was in there. It has a really nice smell that was slightly overwhelming when I first opened the box (it was a small box and I thought she just sprayed essential oil into the box to make it nice for the recipient when they received their goods but nope bonus scented candle XD).

Youngest had sat with me to watch the unboxing (of which there are no photos or videos because I don’t think about these things) and each item was deservedly squeed about as it emerged from its wrapping.

And seeing as I couldn’t post when I got them I just had to scream at @bearone on Discord instead.

Screenshot 20200707 160030

And then everyone else (and by “everyone else” I mean @choogirl and @bearone XD) started.

Screenshot 20200707 160413
Screenshot 20200707 160454
There may or may not have been bouts of normal conversation in between the squeeing.

I probably need to find a perfect patch of sun outside to place these in and even then I don’t think photos would really do the pretty colours and shininess justice (also it’s been rainy here the past few days).

They now live on my monitor base with my gold chicken (gift from parents) and my shiny rock (gift from youngest).

monitor base decorations

I’m still never going to use that candle so there XD