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July ProgBlog #2: minified progblog

posted on: Wednesday, 29 July 2020 @ 12:00am in

I’m severely out of it. I’m currently struggling (and mostly failing) to not revert to my owlish ways.

I don’t even remember why I didn’t post the progblog on Friday.

Oh yes, I had an extra child (11yo had a friend sleeping over for the weekend).

I also hadn’t finished the tail at the time and I was sick of posting pictures of the unfinished tail.

Then I stayed up way too late last night because I finally finished it.

Blender 2.83 character sculpting

To some value of finished.

There’s still a few bumps to smoothe out but it’s better than it was and I might have to do those in the normal map (as horrible as normal maps are to edit) as one thing I figured out very, very quickly on the way down that for that shape it seems I can either have smooth or the right shape and getting both was incredibly difficult.

I’m now working on smoothing out the rest of the body and making sure the shapes are right. The face and neck are done (I think?) and I’m kind of jumping around the torso and arms and legs. Will have to redo fingers which I had done before having to revert, am hoping they’ll get done quicker as I know how to use the brush in this mode now.

Not looking forward to the wing membranes as this is the kind of nonsense I’ll be dealing with.

Blender 2.8 sculpting

I may have to play with the brush settings to deal with this but I’ll probably just zoom right in.

Then my next decision will be whether to try retopo in Blender or just send the thing back to 3d Coat and do it there with the retopo tools I prefer.

Everything is piling on at the moment and I’m still trying to find a new pattern. On the bright side things are moving again, and I may take breaks to start building sets as well as an item of clothing so I can do another render with Zara.