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June ProgBlog #4: and I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids and your darned dog!

posted on: Saturday, 27 June 2020 @ 11:33pm in

And by “gotten away with it” I mean “finished” and by “dog” I mean “dogs and cats” XD

I’ve spent this entire week ironing the tail. Also found this helpful setting

Screenshot 20200627 225905

and turned it on after actually reading the tooltip while wondering what it did. I’d been thinking it would be helpful in high poly situations like this if stuff could just be rendered when it was actually in the viewport and smarter people than me obviously thought it would be a good idea too XD

Got about this far from the end yesterday

fixing sculpt mesh in Blender 3d

and then had to leave half an hour earlier than we normally would for gymnastics because 13yo needed to find the perfect birthday card for the friend she was spending the weekend with. If I hadn’t had to make some extra trips on Thursday I probably would have gotten at least up to the paddle done if not the whole thing.

Then today 15yo had small child classes (level 1 and 2 boys) to help with in the morning and we pretty much went home to change before shooting to a friend’s place for lunch.

After a pleasant few hours we went home and I crashed out in bed and played stupid phone games and did Duolingo and Memrise (I’m not sure that learning five languages at once is the best idea but that’s what I’m doing, to some value of learning).

Where do the dogs and cats factor into all this?

They’re just cute and irresistable and distracting. That is all.

Was hoping to have it knocked off tonight but work rate slowed right down as I was also working through my hive feed. Finishing that up and hopefully getting to communities and tags looks like it’s going to be a tomorrow job.