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May ProgBlog #2: character roll

There's really not a lot of prog to blog as I'm well and truly stuck again.  Very slowly doing the step by step caching physics thing to frame 0 (something keeps going wrong and making me have to start again and it's not fun for anyone) which is exactly what I was doing last week.

@rainite asked me about my characters on Discord and I said I'd done a few and would so a summary post for them, and figured I may as well chuck it in this progblog because it's kind of prog (just over a longer period than a week) rather than making a separate summary post (which feels like cheating because I've posted all of these pics before, if it's in a progblog as a progress thing it feels slightly less like cheating even though it's basically the same thing, see it's this kind of logic that allows people to justify idiocy).

Then I had a look through my gallery and realised I hadn't really done that much at all.  So here's a sampling of all the characters I have done in chronological order of when I did them as after some experimentation it's just easier this way.  Some of these will open in a colourbox and some will go to their posts for storytime if you feel like reading.

Tsa'run/Sept and Zul'jinn/Streak

Dakarai/Trajectory and Zara/Starzone

Ae'nur and Tsa'run

Andrew/Andromedus, Zara, Megan/Magellan and Dakarai




Aurelius and wife I don't know the name of yet (this was an engagement present for @jedau and @randomli, Jed and Aurelius are apparently name buddies so Jed adopted him)

Trix and Sable

Zara and Damian

Tsa'run and Shu'karr/Atlas

Shu'karr and Mya'le

Rei and Taji/Retro

I had intended to model the characters in order of appearance but that must have changed to major characters in order of appearance as there are supposed to be two minor characters between Red and Zara.


Red's mesh is entirely too heavy which is one reason why the weight mapping is fubar and one reason why I need to retopo (the other is I munted edge loops around the shoulders because shoulders are hard and the bloody Fliers have four of them).

If you've been with me for a while, hope you didn't mind the rehash.  If you haven't or you're brand new, hope this gave you a starting point? XD

Even more hopefully I'll be able to get through this cloth sim shenanigans and have more progress next week x_x

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