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March ProgBlog #2: slow

Posted on: Saturday, 21 March 2020 @ 11:17pm
Blatting about
More specifically

Really, really slow.

I don't even know what I've been doing half the time, just that there's been a lot of it, most of it involved frenetically cleaning things to try to keep places open as long as possible (we're slowly toppling, homeschool group has been cancelled until "later in the year" and gym and dance are struggling on but we're anticipating possibly being shut down before the school holidays) not to mention the shenanigans with steem (I've since moved) and I missed last Friday's progblog (aaargh sorry), Tuesday's ko-fi update (really sorry!) and I'm really, really tired (which is part of why I'm really, really slow, by the time I can work I can't focus).

This virus ay.

I managed to get back to training, though in the first session I didn't end up doing much training as it sounded like my friend who was running the kids' class was having a bit of trouble focusing the kids so I ducked in there to help him.

This week I got more done as someone else was officially assigned as a helper and I was slightly confused as I'd told my friend I'd help him out again this week.  But at least I got to train this time and I haven't forgotten as much as I think I have XD So I'm going to try to remember as much as possible in case we have to stop training because stupid virus and idiots that won't stay in quarantine/invite people over while they're in quarantine (seriously who freaking does that).

There is a lot of stupidity around lately.

I've been procrastinating rigging the clothes because it's almost as tedious as animating clothes with bones.

rigging clothes in blender

There are probably easier ways to do the croptop but this seemed like I good idea at the time.  Not doing shape keys because there's only so many different types of bone drivers I can be bothered setting up.  Here I've set up a lattice which is parented to the shoulder controller, and hooked up some bones which I'm moving to correct the croptop deforms as necessary when it's not quite right like this. 

I have to step through each frame and sometimes go back and forth one frame to make sure that the problem is actually a problem though as sometimes the lattice deformer needs to catch up.

Pants um...

attempting to rig pants in Blender

Another case of seems like a good idea at the time.  There's one lattice for upper leg and another one for lower leg so I can parent them to the corresponding bones in the character armature and make life easier for my meagre brain.  The bigger bones around the pants will be for main flapping/stopping collisions/glitches with the character and the smaller ones for trying to make any folds look convincing.  These particular pants are heavy duty so theoretically I shouldn't have too much trouble with them.  I hope, because I've only just set these up so the testing will be happening throughout the anim (which is the main reason I set this anim up).

Also hoping that just making the lattices and clothing meshes denser (ideally through subd modifiers but I can make the actual mesh denser too if I have to) and adding more bones where necessary will work for softer materials x_x

I think we're settling into a new pattern of normal, so should get back on track soon.

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