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September ProgBlog #4: slow and steady is just slow and steady

Posted on: Sunday, 29 September 2019 @ 7:14pm
Blatting about
More specifically

My work day got cut short due to some shenanigans (the big kids have this weird cold thing where they're awful and stuffy and letahrgic in the morning but it improves as the temperatures rise, which means school child refused to go to school and I was dropping her in late, and then there was a boring routine doctor appointment) and due to further shenanigans the day after (J had the day off and the kids decided to be stroppy including further school refusal from the kid who apparently loves school).

I am so glad it's school holidays as I seriously loathe the school run.

And the night that I'm supposed to be progblogging in, we (happily and voluntarily) stayed to help rearrange the gym as the lights are getting fixed/replaced and we needed to move everything out of the way so whoever's doing all the roofworks could put scaffolding in.

It's also comp weekend.

(spoiler: both did their best despite being not 100%, 12yo was unknowingly at the beginning of a bad cold and 14yo knowingly at the end of it, 12yo didn't medal this time round as competition has been brutal and 14yo got all the medals and is looking forward to more competitors in level 5 as it won't be just him and his friend in their age group anymore...however he may have changed his mind about not competing next year as he found out/got reminded that they get a state pin for their jackets whenever they make it to states and wants to collect them XD)

Which meant instead of finishing the bottom rows of coverts over the week (ideally I would have finished all the coverts but that was always extremely optimistic) I got through one wing (which is better than not) and started muddling through the next one.

Then I had to watch hours of Youtube with the little plague rats (I love them all).

working on covert lighting

The above is a "live action" shot as it's a screenie exactly where I stopped working on it (just in case it's not as blatantly obvious as I think it is I usually set up the screen shots).  My main goal was to have the entire bottom covert row of both wings done by now, if not the entire wing (which was always going to be a massive stretch requiring the ability to intensely concentrate on it and nothing else going wrong which is basically never going to happen XD).

And this is pretty much why I stopped my Patreon.

all the feathers so far

Might need to work on the colour blends a bit more.  They're picking up the light really nicely and I've got the effect I want so pretty happy with that.

And after watching Minecraft videos with the plague rats I might have to go build on the server for a little bit before getting back to work >_> (which could be this or could be last month's hs misc which I still haven't really started and I have to start doing this month's one aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh)

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