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September ProgBlog #2: Wingy wingy wings

Posted on: Saturday, 14 September 2019 @ 3:20pm
Blatting about
More specifically

It's probably a good thing I'm fairly used to chaos, and also that we didn't actually need to fly anywhere in a hurry.

It took me four goes to get the kids' passports renewed (and this isn't even mentioning the chaos and confusion trying to tee up with my friend who agreed to be their guarantor).  Fortunately the post office I was using is less than 10min drive from my place and the lady who processes the applications is very good-natured and patient.

As per usual, it ate my art time.  I did manage to finally get all the primaries done.

3d shiny phoenix tattoo left wing primaries done

3d shiny phoenix tattoo left wing primaries done

I'm not sure where I got fixated on 10 primaries, I think it's because that's how many I chucked onto my Avian base model because that's how many fit with the feathers at a sensible size.  I was having a lot of issues with the wing sizes and feather spacing on this tattoo and eventually decided that 9 primaries spaced better than 10 so knocked the innermost feather off on each side.

3d shiny phoenix tattoo with slightly more balanced wings

I've developed this habit of continuing to work while working on the progblogs which is why they keep hitting the internet on my Saturdays instead of Friday nights like they used to.  Not that that stops me even on the Saturdays, as I figured that seeing as the froof is minimal on this one I may as well just do it right now.

3d shiny phoenix tattoo eyebrows

I've been backburning ideas on how to do the rest of the feathers while working on the primaries.  I think I have an idea that will work but as per usual will have to see if it works outside my head (sometimes they do and sometimes they're catastrophic failures XD) and it's pretty much the next job after I'm done here.

The data entry is also continuing whenever I don't feel like texturing.  Only two years off the current block now (in 1995AER, current block is set in 1997AER, which is 4199CE from memory, need to look it up to be sure as once I had the calendar down I started working in their time).  Hoping to get that done soon too so I can both do more note refining and not be spending so much time doing data entry (I'm technically supposed to be doing it as a "break" but sometimes I get obsessive because that's how I am >_>).

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