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August ProgBlog #4: just a "quickie"

Posted on: Saturday, 24 August 2019 @ 11:06pm
Blatting about
More specifically

Because like I ever do anything quickly.

So after making some good headway on the tail feathers from last progblog, I eventually realised (again why could I not do this earlier) that they weren't flowing with the arm direction and when the arm bent the feathers around the elbow were doing to kink horribly.  Not only that the flow of the tail feathers didn't make much sense given the overall shape of the phoenix.

Suppose that's what I get for trying for a cute fancy spray when the whole thing is a much more boring but much better flowing elongated S.

After I was happy with the redraw I for some I still don't even know what reason then tried to split the feathers into seven segments and could not figure out why I couldn't (it was mostly because I wasn't supposed to but I was too dumb to notice).  Only took half a day to remember I only needed four so now I'm kind of back to where I was previously.

redoing the phoenix feather tails

Sigh.  Least this one looks better and now we have more symmetry with the dragon tattoo after I worked out where the dragon froof ended, temporarily turned on symmetry mode  to draw measurement lines and then made the longest tail feather reach about the same length so they look more like they're two parts of the same piece rather than two completely separate tattoos.

I'm unexpectedly at comps all weekend again (today 12yo wanted to support "her" girls ie the class she helps with, tomorrow it's friends) so throwing in this late one as I won't have time tomorrow (tonight I can risk not waking up early, tomorrow I can't).

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