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July ProgBlog #3: distractions aplenty

Posted on: Saturday, 20 July 2019 @ 2:08pm
Blatting about
More specifically

Sprat is up for a couple of weeks, so I've been a bit distracted.

On Friday when I was supposed to have been writing this, we played Minecraft for most of the day.  I used to play survival mode with the kids, but these days I just mindlessly build things in random locations (usually with plenty of supplies inside) for Sprat and the kids to find (they're all in survival mode), and laugh at the hilarious sound effects that happen when they encounter the hostile mobs.

And at Sprat who while trying to go to some mine 12yo had found, pretty much ended up everywhere including where I was building (I thought I'd flown far enough that it would take them a while to find me) but where she wanted to be.  Apparently she's amazing at finding everything except what she's looking for.

Afterwards I worked on the shadow layer, and even later in an attempt to avoid going to bed so late I did more boring data entry stuff.  The good thing about doing this notes cleanup thing is that whenever I go through my notes I often find parts to flesh out and sometimes accidentally learn more things about various characters.  During Friday's cleanup some (spoilery that I'm not going to tell you about) things were explained so I now understand more stuff that was going on in the current arc.

I don't remember what I did yesterday (aside from planning to clean the computer room and not doing it) but must have done more work than I thought as after going to a university open day with the family, doing some much needed filing and finally putting away the Pokemon cards that J had bought me before I asked him to buy me Splinterlands cards instead as I haven't had time to play Pokemon for a while but have been playing Splinterlands daily (less time and effort required unless I'm getting routinely annihilated which happens frequently but I can do other things while the game plays through after I've set up) and failing to clean the rest of the computer room again, I managed to finish the shadow layer.

We're all done with this one now.

shiny dragon tattoo


And here's a shot of the underside which probably won't get seen a lot (or may do as I'm not sure of all of my shots yet):

screenie showing underside of shiny dragon tattoo

Phoenix, scars, and normal map+detail painting to go.  I'd love to say hopefully those things will collectively take as long as the dragon tattoo, but we'll just have to see given my detail obsession.

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