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May ProgBlog #3

Posted on: Saturday, 1 June 2019 @ 9:29pm
Blatting about
More specifically

Fallen back into old habits of stressing out about how much I'm not getting done art-wise because I'm spending so much time on the rest of life and taking those extra hours out of sleep time which is totally healthy especially given how long it takes me to go to sleep and according to my Fitbit I wake up really frequently during the night (not that I remember ever doing so, apparently I usually wake up instead of going into REM and all those minutes "awake" usually average an hour) so I either need to go to bed earlier or wake up later and neither of those things are going to happen.

Additionally I still haven't properly sorted a new work schedule, but with the house coming off the market soon and our bathroom renos nearly done I can actually start coming up with something now.

This week otherwise was not very productive because things kept happening, but I did manage  to get a fair bit of scale work done.  It's going to be shiny as all hell in Blender if this is anything to go by.

glossy scales in 3d Coat

Looks much nicer when I do the more accurate lighting (and had to change the angle as the orange bit is under the arm):

shiny scales in 3d Coat using more accurate lighting

It also looks better with the outline than without so I'm probably going to need a multiply layer for the flats.

With Witchies I'm generally cursing my inability to make fingers look good.  Normal people would just do hand studies or something til they got better.  Sadly I am not a normal person and will probably find some ridiculously and unnecessarily complicated way to practice down the line.

Witchies Krita painting

I'm a bit annoyed with my lack of ability at the moment, hoping it will look better once I've finished the last light and shadow layers and then the fire light and shadow layers (I'd really like to do a day scene soon so there's less insanolighting to wrap my meagre brain around!) and then some scratchings to make it look like there's a recipe in the book that they're following will make everything look acceptable.

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