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June ProgBlog #4: downward spiral

posted on: Sunday, 30 June 2019 @ 4:29pm in

It’s actually an upward spiral (dragon is pointing upwards) but I’m working from the head down therefore it’s a downward spiral :D

shiny scaled rainbow dragon tattoo in 3d Coat

Scales here are shown with the pbr lighting that I switched to as I’m now in the pink section (last section yay!) and the uniform lighting made the glossiness blinding. I’ve had to switch depending on the colour or where I was, needed the uniform lighting for under the arm for example.

At this stage I’m very grateful for image maps (only have to do this once and will then be able to apply it onto the uv maps of the other two characters that have this tat) and I’ve said something similar almost every progblog I’ve been working on these scales, but I can’t even quantify how much more respect I have for tattoo artists.

shimmery dragon scale tattoo under different lighting in 3d Coat

And sometimes I just like to move the lights around especially when using the pbr lighting because it’s so pretty and shimmery XD

There was a bit of unexpected dialogue cleanup going on at the end of the ep10 script. I’ve been poking and prodding very intermittently here and there whenever I feel like rereading the scripts (because I think I’m done proofreading but I’m never done proofreading) but at least the big edits like this are much fewer and further between (I can’t remember when I did the last one so it’s been at least a month XD) and not adjusting the storylines enough to ripple other things. I think it’s all sorted but we’ll see how it goes the next time I’m proofreading.