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March ProgBlog #4: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

posted on: Friday, 29 March 2019 @ 10:48pm in

I got to the last frame!

Screenshot 20190327 214720

And then the proverbial excrement impacted the thermantidote.

Earlier, we’d finall found a house that everyone really liked, so we’d popped an offer on, put our house on the market and started making plans. Of course, some idiot then decided they absolutely had to have it at all costs and they were able to make an unconditional offer so we were forced to withdraw by a clause in the contract which we hadn’t been particularly worried about because the house had been sitting on the market for over a hundred days and we figured if anyone had been interested it would have gone by now.

I was really, really mad.

Then we had to try to decide if we were going to pull our house from the market and try again, or just keep it on there and keep looking. Eventually after consulting with my real estate agent friend, we decided on the latter as the market is pretty slow anyway so we figured we’d have time. We agreed to a couple of home opens in the first few weeks, and the first one is on Sunday (aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!) slotting nicely in between two other houses I’ve found in the area that I want to go look at (aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!). JJ won’t be home as he’s going to some Magic tournament (>_<) so it’ll be just me, three kids and two dogs going somewhere while our home open is home opening (aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

Really hoping one of the two houses I’m going to go look at will be good for us.

I’m so over this. I just want everything to be done with no pointless dramas.

Also tomorrow I have to take 12yo to go get her nose piercing looked at (because I’m definitely not going to have time any other time). The super amazing and responsible piercers at Opal Heart wanted to see her back or have photos sent to make sure everything was healing up nicely (more about that in March HS Misc whenever I get around to writing it).

So this is what’s occupying most of my attention lately and why progress continues to be glacial. I was struggling to make a schedule that works but have pretty much given up while everything is so molten and am doing what I can when I can.