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March ProgBlog #3: nearly there

Posted on: Friday, 22 March 2019 @ 8:53pm
Blatting about
More specifically

I needed a day to work on a birthday present for my favourite sibling.  Prior to that, here's about where I was up to.

Screenshot 20190322 205030

Zul'jinn is done, working on Zara.  These ones are pretty quick as they're tiny.  The lighting is a pain though, I don't think it's right but currently not sure how to fix it and I'm more interested in finishing and posting it so I can try to next slog through those boring texture tests I have to do.  I'm still trying to get a close look at Zara's tattoos, I was really hoping that it would turn out to be skin on the dragon as that would make my life so much easier but nope scales.  Least they look pretty.  I think the dragon has chicken legs at least which will make the scaling down them that little bit easier, the transitions are kind of doing my head in.  Now all I need to work out is if it's a mane or a dorsal spine sail fin thing down the back.

One more to go after this and then overlays and then done.

And then back to finishing off my Zara model so I can actually work on texture testing and stuff.

And it's possible I may have to rework parts of my Za'haran model and possibly the rig as I have a feeling there's a few things I stuffed up that can't be fixed.

Aargh XD

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