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March ProgBlog #1: after an excessive delay

Posted on: Saturday, 9 March 2019 @ 7:57pm
Blatting about
More specifically

I honestly did not mean to go this long without producing a progblog :|

I have the excuse of being on Christmas Island, hanging with family and absolutely not enjoying the experience of working on my Surface Pro (I hate Windows) in January.

In February I just totally and completely fell off the rails.  12yo deciding to do high school has basically removed 5 hours in the week that I was using to work.  I got really, really stressed out to the point of it was going to get real bad real quick so I decided I really needed to do some art therapy, and went for something stupid and fluffy because it was the complete opposite of how I was feeling.  It ended up being a songpic and as much hard work as Embers.  I wasn't feeling up to a progblog (and at that stage didn't realise I had fallen back into the old habit of "well I haven't made any worthwhile progress so I don't want to bore anyone") to posted a sneekypeeky to Patreon to try to make up for it.

This month, we kicked off the process of trying to sell our house and buy another house.  I am not enjoying it and would like it to be over quickly and successfully.

Anyway to once again smash that annoying "didn't make progress so not posting" habit and try to get back to weekly progblogs here's my favourite frame from the art therapy with light and shadow 1:

work in progress

It's the third frame of eight and took the longest to draw and is taking the longest amount of time to shade due to the amount of light sources (glowy bioluminescent plants covering the building) and the wonky perspective (partly my style and partly this thing I was trying to do with the comic-like monstrosity) and I've been doing that instead of doing two more cameo concepts, two giftarts (one was meant to be a Christmas present but pfft now it's just going to be a standalone present), and of course all the 3d work I'm supposed to be doing for the actual animation x_x

I've almost got my reshuffled schedule sorted so hopefully I'll figure out what I'm doing just in time to be disrupted by moving.

For anyone that remembers me doing process videos a hundred million years ago, did you like them enough to want me to do them again? I stopped doing them because I was too lazy busy to edit and it's one of those things I'll only do if people actually enjoy them.

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