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November Homeschooling Miscellany

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 January 2019 @ 2:25pm
Blatting about

November had to be cruisy after the insanity of October, plus we usually start winding down about now anyway.  We stayed home a lot.


9yo-with-jacko-lemon   9yo-with-strawberry-cream-creations


We weren't completely lazy.  The boys played with the snap circuits, 13yo mostly building his own.  9yo experimenting with food (in the picture he was doing arty things with strawberries and cream before consuming them), and 11yo was mostly experimenting with and learning about makeup (and spending a lot of money on it).

We also spent a bit of time with the in-laws and the toddler cousin, hitting the beach (and teaching water safety like how to spot rips and how waves work, probably not much of which has stuck because he's a toddler) and taking them to Latitude (which the toddler thoroughly enjoyed, gave poor Nanna a bit of a workout though!).

toddler-latitude   11yo-9yo-latitude

The rest of the time was spent preparing for end of year shenanigans being held in the form of the gymnastics end of year display and a slightly more intense dance concert and going to Christmas Island.  11yo also had to come to terms with rehoming her guinea pig (something which she dealt with very maturely, including finding a bright side of at least not having to clean the cage anymore which was nobody's favourite chore) as they are herd animals and he was going a bit crazy on his own, and we were having an inordinate amount of trouble finding a similar aged companion for him (mostly because I refuse to get pets on Gumtree now).  He has moved in with friends' guinea pigs (had to get ours desexed because they have girls) though so we'll be able to visit "at least once a fortnight" as requested by 11yo.

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