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October ProgBlog #2: nearly forgot!

Posted on: Friday, 5 October 2018 @ 10:16pm
Blatting about
More specifically

And if I don't do it tonight it will be late again as busy weekend is busy!

The process video wasn't done in time so it may make the next week's progblog or alternately it may never see the light of day, depending entirely on whether or not I finish Embers over the next week.  I did finish frame 3:

Screenshot 20181005 222036

and started on the I guess even though there's no border.  It feels a lot harder I guess because I can't remember ever doing a coloured piece with more than two characters (hell I think last year was the first time I ever did a piece with more than two characters and this one beats that one by one).  I also realised I forgot Zara and Dak's tattoos so will have to remedy that before proceeding too much further.

Screenshot 20181005 222343

To add to the firsts I think this is the first time I've done all the light on one side of the colour wheel and all the shadow from the other side.  I usually go around in thirds.

As I think I mentioned last post, I got this idea for a short animation stuck in my head and it won't come out.  The lack of character models isn't stopping me, I'm using bases as proxies.  The error I made was making Rei too tall (she's now going to look 12ish which is how old her brother is in the block I'm working on, she's supposed to be 8), but I'm going to let that slide seeing as this thing is only barely canonical (the backstory happened but the dance never did XD).

Close to the beginning, not long out of starting poses.

Screenshot 20181005 223155

Zara demonstrating back walkover stag leap.

Screenshot 20181005 223328

Zara spotting Rei's back walkover stag leap which is what I'm in the middle of animating at the moment.

Screenshot 20181005 223639

I'm still doing large keyframe blocking so most things look really rough (I only did small movements for anything that required rolling) and there's some eldritch deformations happening as a lot of controllers are doing shortest path.  I posted a video for Patreons which is paywalled (because one of the perks is me showing more wips than I'm usually comfortable with showing XP).  I don't think I need to do a timing render as the scene is so basic and the characters so low poly that the playback is running in real time but may do anyway just to make sure everything's cool.

Then I need to hurry the hell up on the models.  And as I got a generous offer of assistance from j3dy, I should probably at some stage do up some design type docs for them and anyone else that wants to play...also at some stage :S

Screenshot 20181005 225802

This happened in the Be Awesome Discord server

Fair warning, I actually have no idea what I'm doing, I just know what I want done and that's where I'm going XD

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