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September ProgBlog #4: and some totally unrelated updates

Posted on: Monday, 24 September 2018 @ 4:00pm
Blatting about

This weekend was busier than usual with 13yo and 11yo having states.  Both of them did pretty well, 11yo got a silver on beam (level 5 is tough!) and 13yo got silver on pommel and rings and gold on floor and parallel bars as well as second in All Around.

Now there's just end of year stuff to go! 11yo has been busy at fornightly dance rehearsals as she's in the opening performance for the end of year concert.  Now I just  hope it doesn't clash with the gymnastics end of year display!

I eventually decided I would post the video of me doing shadow 1 because while it's a bit on the boring side it is kind of the most important shadow layer as it sets the base for both light 1 and the other two shadow layers.

I feel a bit like I wasted some time editing the video as somehow I managed to run short of music, must have been using shorter clips than I usually do.  I extended a lot of them but still ended up with a minute spare video (which was a vast improvement on half the video!) and because it had already taken more time than anticipated I threw in a few title clips worth of apology and left it silent lime a lamer.

I took ages in the beginning as I've had issues with the texture of my favourite skin shading brush (a 4b pencil brush from a brushpack that doesn't seem to be available anymore :S) if I had the audacity to resize it in previous Krita versions which is why I spend at least a quarter of the video noodling around at glacial speed (despite the 2000% timelapse).  I did get to a point where I decided BUGGER IT and resized the brush, and then felt like kicking myself for falling into old habits and not actually checking to see if the problem still existed in the current version of Krita (spoiler: it doesn't).

I did manage to finish the first frame in between fighting with editing:

Screenshot 20180924 161733

The second frame is coming along nicely.  Need to finish shadow 3 and then I can get cracking on light 3 and the overlay/s (not sure how many I'll need at this stage, might be able to get away with one).

Screenshot 20180924 163951

I've cut the video for the second wip video which shows me doing light 1, and both 2s for this frame, just need to cut the audio and hopefully I won't have as much trouble as I did with the last one!

3d is still on hold for the moment, if I have time or get irritated enough with this thing I will try to hack at it a bit more.  In the meantime my current plan is to just try and knock this one out as quickly and nicely as possible.  My current distraction is the never ending proof reading.  I found more things to edit again.

Finally, I'm considering making a Ko-Fi profile to work alongside the Patreon and the steem.  I could make up some crap about eggs and baskets and reach and whatnot but I'm just trying to be convenient to as many people as possible, and just need to figure out how much extra work it's going to be.  Current quickie research suggests "not very" as my intention is to use it as what seems to be the original purpose as a little fiat tip jar, so may be able to make the decision by tonight.

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