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September ProgBlog #1

Posted on: Saturday, 1 September 2018 @ 11:15am
Blatting about
More specifically

Small victory for having made all the progblogs last month!

We've had awesome fun times with everyone in the house except me (so far touch wood aargh) succumbing to this rather awful gastro over the course of the week, so in fairness not quite as much done as I would have liked to do (even though I whined about my glacial speed at the time), but slow progress is better than no progress!

Finished the sculpt of Zara and let it cool down.  It's still looking okay (plus I can do shape modifications after it's been sent to Blender) so will be starting retopo on it soon.

Screenshot 20180901 093131

For some odd reason I actually had to set a shader on the base model when I imported it (usually it does so by itself) and while I was there I checked out what was there as I've updated 3dC recently, and noticed some new to me shaders that could have been there for ages for all I know, I haven't looked in the shaders library for a while.  There was a large array of skin shaders going from vampire white through to an almost dark brown (probably not quite dark enough for Dak's skin) so my next experiment after retopo will be to see if it will work with my style or if I should continue just hand painting.  I'm currently using that as an excuse to pause the shape key work on Red's claws til I'm in the mood for it again even though realistically if the skin shader experiment works and I modify Red's paint job as well all that's going to need to be swapped out are the uv maps.

I've also had a songpic developing and it got developed and naggy enough to want to be done so I ended up staying up til midnight last night first sketching out the layout and then doing all the posing and sketches for it.


There's another three but you have to be a Patreon to see them.


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