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August ProgBlog #3: Weakling!

Posted on: Sunday, 19 August 2018 @ 7:59pm
Blatting about

Today was the last day of regionals at our gym, there were three rounds of level 3s, then 11yo and I stayed to help reset the gym back to normal for training for states in ~4 weeks.

I'm feeling kind of pathetic as after guarding doors for two weekends and helping move heavy equipment everything from the back down are pretty sore (okay in hindsight it was probably stupid to lift the big p-bars by myself but I have good stances, maybe not as good as Zip's but all I had to do was lift each end in turn so the floor protectors could be put under the feet) and...apparently while I can still use my hands for typing and poking at touch screens, I can't draw.  Well I can but working on @f3nix's piece is taking way more concentration than it should.

Screenshot 20180819 210005

Seriously it took me something like 10min doing and redoing just the shadow on the index finger of the hand holding the wonky pocket watch and not even the entire finger is visible -_-

We are getting there.

Screenshot 20180819 225345

On the 3d front, I'm weight mapping.

There's a few areas that need some minor corrections, mostly in close quarters such as the eyes (which now shut more or less properly as I show here where Red turns away in exasperation)

Screenshot 20180819 231647

and the stupid mouth cavity which I'll have to correct at some point which at this stage may well be when he actually has to talk to someone as he has rather muted expressions, which will be an entertaining contrast with Zip (whom I'm planning to start sculpting...pretty much whenever I get mad enough doing all this technical stuff) who would be a bit more hyper if she was more normal.

Screenshot 20180819 230918

Wing membranes are probably the trickiest things to stuff around with.  I'm also going to have to remember how to do lattice deforms as I'll probably need them.

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