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AER March ProgBlog #1

Posted on: Monday, 5 March 2018 @ 5:08pm
Blatting about
More specifically

Lame excuse: I haven't done a progblog forever because I got well and truly stuck redoing the prehensile tail rig, but I think I've fixed it now, and made it work (to some value of work) with the pitchipoy rig (the spline and its controllers are actually on their own rig, but the spline controllers are copying the location of some controllers that are on the pitchipoy rig with additional thingies to keep them from moving too far from each other, feels a bit convoluted but it works).

Screenshot 20180305 173230   Screenshot 20180305 173337

I finished painting eyes (could probably make the dark rings a little bit darker but I'll see how I feel if/when I have to do an extreme closeup like this:

Screenshot 20180305 171520

I'm currently procrastinating the hair by making clothes and props (very slowly because I've forgotten how to poly model in Blender, very slowly making its way back up to the surface).

Screenshot 20180305 174312

Looks like I have a bunch more weight mapping to fix up as well, but I'll do that when playing around with posing and animating (extremely slowly because it's a pretty heavy model).

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