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Happy New Year!

Posted on: Monday, 1 January 2018 @ 12:15am
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Farewell 2017, happy 2018!

I did my usual and had a drink while 3d-ing.  I probably should have taken a photo of the drink for the benefit of the steem crowd but didn't.  JJ piked out but the kids stayed up with me (probably for the novelty of staying up til midnight as 8yo's bedtime is 8, and the big two at 9:30).  Despite procrastinating for pretty much the entire day I managed to finally close the retopo and have started painting.

Screenshot 20180101 002159

I was streaming and recording but got reminded pretty damn quick that painting in 3d Coat is slightly (I may be setting off a few sarcasm detectors here) more intensive than painting in Krita so that got nixed right quick.  Then I stayed up a bit longer waiting for the fireworks to shut up so the dogs would stop scuttling around the house like wild-eyed lunatics seeing if they needed to flee or defend from the giant potential predatory making all the racket and for 8yo to fall asleep so I could turn out his nightlight.

If you're out partying and whatnot stay safe and look after each other.

Hope everyone is able to achieve at least some of what they want this year :)

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