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Water's Fine progblog #1

Posted on: Monday, 30 October 2017 @ 9:27am
Blatting about
More specifically

Got this request on Discord from @kubbyelizabeth:

Screenshot 20171030 092913

Happy to help out a steemate where I can, I agreed and asked her what she would like me to draw.  The answer:

Screenshot 20171030 093046

and then when I asked when she needed it by, it was along the lines of "whenever it's done".

Easiest client in the universe to work for! XD

Steemit has this analogy with the steempower, where the plentiful new accounts with not much power (such as yours truly) are referred to as "minnows", holders of more SP are called "dolphins" and so of course the people with stonking huge wallets are "whales".

Kubby likes pink so I decided to do a dolphin mer and a cute little minnow.  Being humanoid I needed bases.  And then I got carried away with the minnows.  And then decided there should also be a representative whale.

Blender bases

What's that? The whale doesn't look that big? How's this?

mer bases in Blender top view to show more accurate size comparison

Yeh all right my bases look mildly terrifying especially when some of them are all bent out of shape.  It looks a bit better sketched over in light blue on the water base.  Then I go over with super thin neat lines that I darkened here just so they can be seen, as the opacity is usually reduced a lot so I can make sure I have nice edges when colouring.

sketched over in blue pencil  sketch in blue pencil with water base background  neat outline

And where I'm up to at the moment which is done base colours, the "blood layers" (which are red and blue layers in either overlay or multiply mode that help with the way I see colour), some textures and have started patterning the minnows.


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