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steem upgoat comment footer process

Posted on: Saturday, 21 October 2017 @ 9:29pm
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I was going to make a comment footer anyway (which turned out to be bigger than I thought on busy, couldn't get Krita to resize it without things going stupid though) and decided to make a process video purely for testing out dtube and bitchute.

DTube was a bit of a problem as I couldn't figure out how to get it to recognise that I have a local ipfs node.  This was because I had exactly no way of knowing that there was a config script for that unless I knew about the existence of this article (found with some serious google-fu).  The config script has been run and hopefully I didn't mangle my node.

I wasn't really sure what I expected with DTube or what's going where, apparently I have to upload the file that's sitting on my node again (because I already put it on the node and then did the context menu thing which allegedly uploads it to the network).  At this stage I'm feeling pretty "yeh okay whatever" as I still have a residual didn't-get-enough-sleep-pseudoheadache so uploading it goes.

With bitchute I have exactly no idea what I'm doing (I did try to play with webtorrent-desktop but neither of the ones available on the repo would open) so just uploaded.

Just a short one anyway, thing took me half an hour all up, timelapsed 475% to 6min.

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