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Thursday stream - more High artbombed by Surf's Upgoat

Posted on: Saturday, 15 July 2017 @ 8:50pm
Blatting about
More specifically

Last Thursday stream as I'm switching to Fridays next week or so (whether I'll manage next Friday is another thing as Sprat is up on holiday so we've been hanging).  Decided to stream despite not having backup as I was going to be busy doing other things on the Friday when I did have backup so decided to continue working on @jedau and @randomli's engagement present.

I usually pay at least some attention to my chat clients while working and people were talking about surfing in the TeamAus channel on Discord.  @scooter77 had once asked if I could draw an upgoat on a surfboard, so that got well stuck in my brain.  I know how this kind of thing works by now so new document was opened up and surfing upgoat was knocked out in a relatively short amount of time so I could get back to it.  I'm thoroughly pleased with how the engagement present is turning out.

Spotify webplayer was being more awful than usual that day, when it wasn't repeating the same set of songs ad nauseum it was stuttering and skipping on most of the songs and freezing completely when it hit one of the Spotify ads.  I eventually ragequit with an hour to go.  This resulted in having more video than audio (which is unusual) so I had to get really brutal with cutting the video so as well as removing dead space I've also removed the hints of pauses (where I sit and stare for indeterminate periods, I shorten them all to a second for the videos) and my errors (which I always leave in because part of the process).

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