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Thursday streaming - now with a process video

Posted on: Friday, 16 June 2017 @ 4:07pm
Blatting about
More specifically

This one's especially for @jedau on Steemit who has made numerous requests for a process video.  So here's me retopologising Za'haran/Red like I know what I'm doing, 3hrs timelapsed into ~8.5mins (bonus: learned KDEnlive).  I apologise if the flinging around in and outside the head I was doing gives anyone motion sickness.  And who knew trying to credit everything I was listening to would take all day, might never do that one again XD

I managed 3hrs before soreness and annoyance at being unable to track down some ngons that I'd managed to accidentally create caused a ragequit.  One of the things I really wish that 3d Coat had was the ability to highlight different types of polys.  Lightwave had it and it was extremely useful in tracking down any types I didn't want at the time (usually those bloody ngons).  3d Coat does have a handy little menu item called "Remove ngons" which does exactly what it says on the box but because I can't have triangles in the mesh at all for ptex this is not an option.

Mashup of what I was listening to:

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