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The real reason why J wears headphones all the time...

Posted on: Saturday, 3 June 2017 @ 11:49am
Blatting about
More specifically so he doesn't have to listen to my inane rambling XD

So he's over at the table minding his own business, listening to whatever it is he's listening to while opening boosters and sorting and sleeving Magic cards (sometimes audiobooks, sometimes podcasts, sometimes footy games, sometimes music), and I'm working on detailing this thing:

dragon tattoo drawing wip

when I idly wonder out loud: "I wonder if Asian dragons ever have spinal problems."

"Sorry you talking to me dear?" He hits the pause button.  I hate repeating myself but I'm as used to this as he's used to my semi-random inanity.

"I was just wondering if Asian dragons ever have spinal problems.  Because they're really long and they have legs so they probably walk on them sometimes.  Snakes are really long but they don't have legs so all the weight is evenly distributed.  What?" I happen to look up and catch his exasperated face as he shakes his head and starts up whatever it is he's listening to again.

Well, I thought it was a legitimate question, and I totally do not overthink anything.

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