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March Homeschooling Miscellany

Posted on: Saturday, 1 April 2017 @ 1:54pm
Blatting about
More specifically

March was kind of insane like February was as 12yo started doing FreeG and we started vaguely prepping for our somewhat unexpected April trip to Christmas Island and 8yo had diagonistic-related appointments, and it was crazy to the point where I didn't take notes on our random interesting conversations for this thing like I usually do, so it's just photos.

12yo made himself a riot shield type affair out of a box and almost an entire spool of twine (which 10yo was rather unimpressed about as it was her twine and she didn't realise he was going to use the whole thing):


The kids decided they wanted to spend some Habitica gold on a trip to Bounce.  After an hour there I decided we should check out the bushland at the back.  It was a nice little walk (there was a part that had been well paved for ease of accessibility by small wheeled things).  We discussed how this part of the river looks compared with the bit up near our place, and the wildlife we could see as well as what we couldn't see or see easily.  There were information signs but they were only read briefly.

Kids checking out this part of the river

Magic was played.  Lots of games (different types, normal, commando and draft) and much trading went on.  JJ has created little Magic playing monsters out of the boys.

Big boys sorting through Magic The Gathering cards

While at a family gathering up near the inlaws' place we found an exuvium.


All the kids (including their younger cousins) were fascinated by it and spent a long time staring at it.

10yo finally managed to save up enough gold to purchase her Copic markers reward and they arrived in time to be taken to Christmas Island with us.  As soon as she got them she lost no time in practising on a colouring page downloaded from the internet.

10yo practising with Copic markers

She loves them and is already planning saving up for another set that has skin tones and contains a blending marker as well as looking at one that can be used for lineart so that she can colour her own drawings.  Currently all the markers that she has tried for lineart has smudged.

My sister sent up a box full of art stuff that she either thought the kids would like or had found from our childhood and never used while doing a cleanout.  One of the cool things was a knotted hemp set that 10yo quickly claimed and got right into.  I had to help her start off as she had a bit of trouble understanding the instructions for the starting loop (in fairness it took me a couple of goes to get it too), but once she got going she kept going until she'd produced this thing:

10yo modelling knitted hemp choker

10yo also accidentally made some iPod speakers.  I think she was trying to fashion a stand for her iPod out of some of the stuff we have lying around the house, and came to me telling me she'd made some speakers, and put it together to demonstrate.


There's no volume control but they worked surprisingly well.  We had a quick chat about why the cups amplified the sound before she took off back to her room to continue whatever it is she gets up to in there.



And to finish off, apparently adding an olive on a toothpick makes any sandwich gourmet.  I believe this one was peanut butter.


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