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First Patreon Goal Reached!

Posted on: Saturday, 4 March 2017 @ 1:40pm
Blatting about
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Thanks to the support of my generous patreons, I managed to hit my first goal! :D

The goal was $10/mth with the intent of spreading the love a bit.  So currently 5 creators I've been following for a while but didn't really have the funds to support are getting $1/mth each and hopefully I can up that a little at some point in the future and perhaps support other interesting looking projects.

The creators I'm currently supporting (in the order they're listed on my Patreon list because that was convenient) are:


I originally started following JWiesner on deviantArt for pokemon fanart and a webcomic/graphic novel called Luminahi.  I love the characters he comes up with, the awesome way he does expressions and the crazy spiky way he does hair/fur. 


Chansen Lindsey

I can't remember what in particular I started following UndyingNephalim (again a dA discovery) for, I just recall being impressed by his game models and his prodigious output.  The Hyrule mod is really, really impressive, I personally am most interested in the Sigma project even though I don't have time to game anymore -_-



Bill DeWitt

I didn't find @baerdric, he found me on G+, possibly off a mutual friend's posts.  I'm not sure why he started following me but his posts seemed interesting so I started following him back.  And good thing too or I never would have read Enmity.  Reading his writing is kind of like getting thrown into a VR game (or watching a movie if you imagine things just in your head and not with your entire body).  He's been working on this stuff longer than I've been alive and what's there is some great reading.  There's some samples on the Patreon to see if it's the kind of stuff you like reading, and another way to support him is by following and upvoting on steemit.


Tracy Butler

Author of the famous Lackadaisy webcomic.  I started following her on deviantART (always with the dA I know but I have been on there for 13 years) because I was blown away by the amazingly rendered first page I saw (can't remember which one it was now) and went back and read the whole lot in one sitting.  There don't appear to be much in the way of minor characters, all of them seem to have pretty intrigueing backstories.



Gavin Aung Than

Of Zen Pencils fame.  Again I can't remember when I started following his blog, it was possibly off someone else's reshare.  Initially got interested as he was a local person with adorable comics, and kept being interested at how he illustrates famous quotes.  The comic images are very long (just the images, the comics are very short) and I didn't want to slice them up so haven't included any here but definitely go and take a look!

Please stop by and check out their Patreon pages and various other websites and possibly chip a dollar their way :)

As for me, onwards and upwards towards the next goal!

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