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May Homeschooling Miscellany

posted on: Sunday, 17 July 2016 @ 9:57am in

11yo's drawing of Sans from Undertale on the whiteboard

11yo’s drawing of Sans from Undertale on the whiteboard

J and 7yo playing Shadows Over Camelot

JJ and 7yo playing Shadows Over Camelot. 11yo and 9yo are off frame waiting for their turn. I’m obviously taking the photo. The game is fun and a little bit involved and is cooperative rather than competitive (unless someone turns out to be the traitor!).

Lorax themed SciTech class

SciTech did a class based on The Lorax and included experimenting with water saving crystals and making a paper pot. 7yo was happy as he got to partner up with his bestie

7yo digging up fossils in SciTech's dinosaur exhibit

7yo digging up fossils at SciTech’s dinosaur exhibit

7yo driving Sphero drone at Scitech, Perth, Western Australia

7yo driving what I think is a Sphero drone with an iPad at Scitech

7yo dressed up for work

His work was ‘bein’ a BOSS’ apparently. He also styled his hair with water

7yo's pea plants have sprouted

7yo got some peas and instructions for an experiment from the Lorax class. The pea near the green stick was soaked in water prior to planting and the pea near the blue stick hasn’t. The soaked pea took so long to sprout compared to the unsoaked one that 7yo was sure it had ‘drownded’. He only needed a couple of reminders to water them every few days and has been diligently doing it on his own ever since

11yo and 7yo trying to build towers to withstand an earthquake

The kids attempted to design and build towers that would withstand an earthquake. These ones didn’t work

9yo with building design that withstood the earthquake

9yo’s building design withstood the earthquake