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Works in progress

Posted on: Thursday, 23 June 2016 @ 6:25pm
Blatting about

Because I'm failing at making proper progblogs due to having to slog through a massive backlog (which now has a severe dent in it, unfortunately I think I also made a dent in myself XD).

Chimaera retopo

Retopology of a chimaera in 3d Coat which I will rig in Blender and then draw over

Ingress wallpaper wip

Ingress character wallpaper being worked on in Krita

Avian feather progress

I changed the dimensions of the thumb and hand while affixing allulas which of course meant I had to adjust the layers.  They're getting featherier (not a real word) though.  Using Blender.

Vaporeon wip screenshot

Started my vaporeon sculpt in 3d Coat (contains elements of giant otter, sea lion, dolphin and possibly a frill neck lizard) for The Great Pokemon Underwater Race Collab


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