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Homeschooling miscellany

Posted on: Saturday, 10 October 2015 @ 10:30am
Blatting about

Another collection of stuff that I usually don't get around to posting at the time either due to being in the middle of something or because it was a little thing.

Banana and tooth pick sculpture made by 10yo

Banana and toothpick sculpture made by 10yo

10yo and 8yo with sculpture made of apple and toothpicks

Apple and toothpick sculpture made by 10yo

Spoon doll made by 8yo

Doll made out of a spoon, tissue paper, pipe cleaner and wool by 8yo

Habitat drawing by 8yo

Paper habitat world for plastic animals by 8yo.  Served as a "board" for ecosystem based games that all the kids made up for a couple of days

6yo with a box hammerhead shark

6yo made a hammerhead shark out of boxes

10yo and 8yo making paper planes

After watching the movie "Paper Planes", 10yo and 8yo looked up and folded some of their own.  Most of them flew all right though one of 10yo's creations that he made up flew like a rock

6yo doing Maths Seeds on his iPad

6yo doing Math Seeds on his iPad

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