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Twins in the lower room

Posted on: Sunday, 22 March 2015 @ 4:38pm
Blatting about
More specifically

Seems the house gets populated by more coporeal people as I get older.

Last time I recall being there when there were people there, there was some kind of masquerade ball going on.  This time there was just people going about their daily business, and one of the rooms I'd been too scared to enter previously just felt a bit creepy this time round, which has been happening with more and more of the rooms in the middle section.  The "open bathroom" (an alcove which has bathroom stuff in it but no outer walls) is still there and as far as I can tell still doesn't get used.  I had to take the kids "home" (thought towards the beginning I was living in the house as I do sometimes but not this time apparently), the kids and I were getting ready to leave out the front door, 8yo initially didn't want to leave but then remembered she hadn't had dinner.

The twins (two young adult males) were supposed to come over later, I had initially told them to come over for dinner but then remembered there was supposed to be a family dinner that night so said they couldn't come for dinner after all but they could come by later when we were back again, or something to that effect.

I ended up at some point (since when did dream chronology actually ever make sense especially in that place) going out the back of the house, down the steps that are always there and underneath to the twins' room.  Either the house inverted at some stage or they always had the room there and the playroom with the roller coaster in the attic/roofspace.  I have no idea.  I've never been or looked into the room before as this was one of the areas of the house I generally avoided like the plague.  Inside the boys had their beds in a mostly enclosed room on one side attached to a bathroom, and then a large square "living area" which was rather devoid of furnishings but contained a lot of people having a party.  Next to the entrance was another door with a number on it, and next to the bathroom another door with another number on it.

Apparently the extra doors are gateways to other dimensions or something as they opened up at one stage, a person came out and a bunch of people from the party went in.  This was apparently a bad thing which required me to go in and get the hapless party-goers back out.  I war-moded in after them, found an identical looking room but with different numbers on the extra doors, and I had entered through the one next to the bathroom.  War moded across the room and the door near the door to the rom opened briefly revealing another identical room.  I hovered listening to someone talking for a moment, and could hear them clearly at the time but currently can't remember what they said.  At that point I retreated back into the original room and felt the need to exit the dream.  I was irritated about it because there were people that needed help, but when I actually need to exit there's probably something I can't deal with yet.

I really should try to assemble more notes about the house as far back as I can remember.

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