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Blender Adventures Part 4

Posted on: Monday, 13 October 2014 @ 9:26am
Blatting about
More specifically

bek can rig, though I'm sure I'm probably doing it horribly wrong.  It's a combination of rigging techniques learned in Lightwave and playing with the Armature modifier, with one tangent into using bendy bones (single bones with multiple segments) for the spine from the head down and then two bendy bones for neck and spine.

Scorpion handstand rig test

Had to put one more controller in to flex the spine in the right direction.  The neck flexes one way (looking downward) fine but will not flex the other way (it's jaggy in this pose, effects can be seen if you look carefully at the neck), adding another shape to control the flex like I did with the spine didn't help and neither did my aforementioned tangent into bendy bones.

Had to remember I need to block first (some people don't but I do) and also working on timing.  First pass is just seeing if the base rig will work for Zara as well as trying to learn how to use the graph, second pass will be doing basic muscle deformations (learning how to control lattice deforms, never used them before but figured them out with some earlier experimentation), third pass will be basic facial expressions (and learn how to do morphs shape keys in Blender).  I may also post one video of all of that instead of three really short separate ones.  I don't know how long the rig test will end up being, it's a bit over 7 seconds at the moment and I have a feeling the transfer into the scorpion handstand might be a bit too rapid.

Then I have to copy the lot to the other two models and add in the rigging for their wings and tails.

No worries, right.

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