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The company I keep

Posted on: Thursday, 16 January 2014 @ 10:07am
Blatting about
More specifically

Or rather hang around the periphery of and watch.

I saw this on the front page of deviantART (hey the front page is good for something after all ;) when I went to log in:

Lightning La Buff Bust by mattj324

In my usual fashion after dropping in to leave a boring "wow" type comment, I went through the rest of the person's gallery and then watched them.

8 hour freaking speed sculpt.  I'd seriously be happy if I got something anywhere approaching that in a month (but more likely more considering the speed at which I work).  I can run the usual excuses about how I generally don't get 8hr sittings for anything (okay sleep but I'm generally lying down then) but it gets to a point where I wonder if the people I watch are prodigious or whether that's a normal amount of time and I'm just exceedingly, agonisingly slow (my usual thought).

There's also people like this who are concept artists:

Live Action PATLABOR by BenMauro

The above was allegedly a rush job.

And then there's the people who are "just learning":

Rework by Lance66

And while I'm on a roll I should mention one of the few good Poser/DAZ artists that I've found:


Pro Reo by IamUman

See you can do cool stuff with Poser and DAZ, it's not just for the most boring porn with the most terrible lighting (which is most of what I used to see when I dared poke my head into the 3d gallery of dA).

It's nice to have inspiration, even if it does often make me feel incompetent.

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