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One 3d App to rule them all

posted on: Thursday, 21 November 2013 @ 9:56pm in

I had Quadrapop over earlier today and she was looking over my shoulder and critting the work I’d done on Red’s hands so far. I am aware the hand is the wrong shape and was planning on fixing that in Lightwave where I have poly modelling tools but after receiving the second degree I got motivated enough to attempt it in Sculptris (after firing up Lightwave and fixing the hands on the base models and putting the legs in Da Vinci pose while I was about it).

Quadrapop had in the meantime headed home so I dropped the following image into a group chat blaming her for the kick up the arse:

Makied hand after using Sculptris grab tool

That’s probably a lesson in how not to use the grab tool. I’m currently fixing it up now and will mangle do the same with the legs when I get there. The reply I got to the text was:

Lol shame there is not one 3d app to rule them all that does ALL the things and is moddable to suit the individual’s work flow

A very short discussion followed where I was saying monopolies were bad mmkay and she clarified what she actually meant was a program that you could plug in or kick out things to do what you needed to do. I said Blender was supposed to be moddable like that but I currently can’t be bothered doing the work on the interface to make it something I could work on without hurting my brain and I couldn’t work out how to subpatch model in Blender.

Then I spouted:

i would like One App that had a workflow and was split like Lightwave (though there’s thought of unifying Lightwave, i was really pissed about it when i first heard about it, then more recently now that i’m better at this stuff i realised i don’t care if they unify it as long as the workflow doesn’t change too much and i can still box model) with a scupt mode as awesome as Sculptris that also integrated animatable sculpting/morphs like ChronoSculpt and had cool retopo tools like ZRemesher from ZBrush or BSurfaces from Blender and a dynamic paint mode like Blender or Sculptris but probably easy like Sculptris but that can update UVs on the fly and a rigging toolset that’s easy as either Genoma in Lightwave or whatever Blender has (haven’t tried but apparently good) and definitely less crashy than Genoma deep breath in

which didn’t look like much on Messages on my iMac but actually turned out to be pretty long on the phones. That was me in a hurry as by “box model” I meant “subpatch model” because I don’t like box modelling much either. I have tried rigging in Blender, it’s supposed to be pretty easy but I’m too stupid to get it I think. In the meantime I had completely forgotten about doing terrain and skies like Terragen or Vue and plants like XFrog or Vue.

Yep, I don’t ask for much.