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You know how I said those horns were done...?

posted on: Sunday, 27 October 2013 @ 12:01am in

Well, the mesh borked so terribly that I figured I would probably spend about as much time fixing it as I would starting over, so I started over.

Well I was wrong.

The last version of the horns took me about 8 months all up. I don’t want to know how long I would have taken to eventually fix the mesh as I know I spent a good week or so experimenting. Starting over this version took me…

…wait for it…

…3 days (or the equivalent thereof as long blocks of work are hard to come by).

Starting the horns from sculpt

I sized Red using my usual trick (a box at the correct height and then resizing the base model), removed the wing membranes (the cause of the mesh tears I didn’t see last time) and then just threw the lot into Sculptris (no problems this time!) with the intention of doing ALL of the detailing there. It took me a few goes to start the horns from sculpt but after a couple of hours I got the hang of it.

Roughed twisty horns

Spent probably most of a day getting the shape right and simultaneously raging and being ecstatic about how much easier it was doing it this way as for starters the shape was closer to what I was trying and failing to get (though I suspect the shape I actually wanted is not actually possible) with the spline guides and poly modelling. Perhaps I can sculpt after all.

scukpted horns mostly done

And mostly done (I say because I will probably keep touching it as I go through and do the rest of him (again). I need texture on the crest and at the tips but not quite sure what I’m going to do about it yet, whether it’s going to be bump map or if I scribble something in. Currently at 177 686 tris.