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Home Ed Program 2014

Posted on: Saturday, 5 October 2013 @ 10:46pm
Blatting about



  • library
  • 2x kung fu
  • visit great-grandmother
  • music lessons if finances allow
  • doco/music video/cooking show (every night)


  • 1x Khan Academy
  • 1x Reading Eggspress
  • 1x written bookwork
  • 1x extra any of the above
  • 1x roleplaying (followed by session writeup)
  • AFL Juniors (1x training, 1x game)
  • gym/circus iff finances allow


  • 1x Khan Academy
  • 1x Reading Eggs
  • 1x Maths Seeds
  • 1x written bookwork
  • 1x roleplaying (followed by session writeup)
  • gym


  • 1x Reading Eggs
  • 1x Maths Seeds
  • 1x written bookwork
  • 2x optional extra any of the above
  • Auskick (1x training, 1x game)

Bookwork is for $5/week pocket money.  A bookwork "session" is two pages of a book, one set of exercises in Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress/Maths Seeds (usually 10 short exercises, with Reading Eggspress it depends on what Tao chooses to do at the time), one "stack" of problems or one video in Khan Academy.  The rules for earning extra have changed, rather than doing extra bookwork the bigs can now embark on a research project of their own choosing.  They get an extra $5 for a relatively simple thing like a poster, $10-15 for essays/reports with diagrams, $20 for a fairly detailed book (appropriate to age obviously).


Weather and mood dependent.  Alternate.  Attempt to drag other people along for the ride.

  • Scitech
  • zoo
  • museum (all of them)
  • art gallery
  • whatever historical site we can find

Planned term excursions

Ideally this will involve actual "school group" type excursions and activities.  If I can't amass a required number of people at the required time, quadrapop, Chappie, myself and our respective broods will go have fun there anyway.

  • March: AQWA
  • somewhere between June and August: Wilkinson Homestead
  • Septemberish: Art Gallery
  • November: Gravity Discovery Centre

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Nicola Sunday, 6 October 2013 @ 6:15pm [Permalink]
Wow that programme is impressive! How do they go with the Khan Academy? Might have to check that out...
bek Sunday, 6 October 2013 @ 9:08pm [Permalink]

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